RFID Middleware for Mobile Computing and its Application

Liu, Fagui, et al
Journal of Information & Computational Science, 2011, vol.8, iss.7, pp 1025-1033
Subject (ENG)
Mobile Application Technology
Subject (ITA)
Tecnologia per applicazioni mobile
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June 2011



With the development of the Internet, wireless communication technology and intelligent terminal equipment, mobile intelligent devices integrated with RFID technology will not only open up new markets and services prospects, but also form a pervasive computing environment. The integration of mobile computing and RFID technology is mostly certain to bring a series of challenges to its development, deployment and application. This paper focuses on RFID middleware for mobile computing, which can be deployed quickly and efficiently to a variety of heterogeneous RFID mobile devices, and solve the various problems, such as differences of heterogeneous devices, RFID event filtering, data synchronization, data redundancy and inconsistency within the mobile transaction. RFID middleware for mobile computing provides infrastructure and platform supporting for the RFID technology applying to mobile computing environment.


Con lo sviluppo di Internet, la tecnologia di comunicazione wireless e i dispositivi mobili intelligenti integrati con con la tecnologia RFID non solo ha aperto nuovi mercati e prospettive per i servizi, ma ha anche dato vita ad un campo informatico pervasivo. Questo documento si concentra sul middleware RFID per il mobile computing, che può essere applicato in modo rapido ed efficente a una varietà di servizi mobile RFID e utile a risolvere i vari problemi, come le differenze dei dispositivi eterogenei, la sincronizzazione dei dati, la ridondanza dei dati e l'incoerenza all'interno della transazione mobile.